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San Francisco movie locations from classic films

San Francisco movie locations from classic films

Dark Passage - Harry's Wagon

  After Parry recovers from his plastic surgery in Irene's apartment, she removes his bandages and gets to see his new (Bogart's) face.  But he doesn't want to put her at risk and decides it's best to get out of her life.  He calls for a cab and tells the driver "Post and Fillmore" - the cab drops him off at Harry's Wagon, a railcar diner sandwiched between two buildings.

Then ...   These converted railway cars were popular at that time. 

... from the 1947 street directory ...  the entry below confirms that Harry's Wagon was indeed a real diner at 1921 Post Street near Fillmore (map).

... and Now,  Sohn's French Cleaners currently occupies the setback building on the site of the old diner, re-addressed as 1919 Post Street.

... a similar diner ...  Harry's Wagon is long gone but thanks to reader Zach Georgopoulos (see his comment below) we now know where we can still dine today in an identical railcar, the Grubstake, at 1525 Pine Street.


  A suspicious detective apprehends Parry in the diner but he gives him the slip and takes off (below).

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