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San Francisco movie locations from classic films

San Francisco movie locations from classic films

Dark Passage - Road to Freedom

   The truck carrying Parry to freedom rumbles up a road offering ample views of San Quentin prison across San Francisco Bay.  This is Paradise Drive, a 10 mile scenic road running alongside San Francisco Bay between Corte Madera and Tiburon.  Refer to the map below as locations featured along the way are described.


Then ...  Here, the truck is passing 5050 Paradise Drive, at location A above.

... and Now, the roof of 5050 is just visible but a line of trees obscures the view.

... but there's a clear spot just down the road where the prison comes into view.


Then ...  Hidden inside the oil drum Parry rocks it back and forth until it falls off the back of the truck and rolls down a hill.  He is free at last as the camera pans up to another view of San Quentin Prison, framed by foliage in the style of a 19th century California landscape painting.

... and Now,  this matching view was taken from Paradise Drive, 0.1 miles south of Taylor at the junction with Ranch Road, location B on the map above.


Then ...  Parry flags down a passing car and the driver, who introduces himself as Baker (Clifton Young), gives him a ride.  As they continue south along Paradise Drive Baker hears a police alert on the radio and, startled, comes to a halt.  Once again the prison is seen in the distance.


... and Now,  the same view was taken 0.3 miles south of the Trestle Glen Blvd junction in front of 4092 Paradise Drive, location C on the map above. The Paradise Cay Marina, not there in 1947, is in the center of this view.

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