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San Francisco movie locations from classic films

San Francisco movie locations from classic films

D.O.A. - Allison Hotel - Final Farewell

  Paula, concerned for Bigelow, heads to Los Angeles to meet him for what will turn out to be their final farewell.

Then ...  She waits for him outside his hotel, the Allison, with a distinctive art deco entrance.

... and Now,  this was filmed at the entrance to the A. G. Bartlett building at 215 7th Street a half block east of Broadway (map).  The building is still there but the bland entrance today lacks the class of the one above.

... from a vintage photo ...  this circa 1940s photo looks east on 7th towards Spring Street and shows the A. G. Bartlett entrance as it was.  It clearly is the one used for the movie - note the brass and glass doors and the art deco moderne flashes on the upper sides of the doorway.  Note too the darker stone facing on each side of the entrance.  They all match, as does the street number, 215.  For the movie, the 'Allison Hotel' sign was simply mounted over the 'A G Bartlett Bldg' sign.

... and Now,  here's the A. G. Bartlett building today.  It was built in 1911 and received its art deco embellishments in a 1937 renovation.  Most of the building changes since then have been confined to the street level frontage.


Then ...  Bigelow pulls up in his car and Paula steps forward to meet him.  But this scene was filmed not outside the A. G. Bartlett building but across the street outside the Lankershim Hotel (map).  The view looks west along 7th Street where it crosses Broadway, with Bullocks over to the right and Hamilton's Jewelers opposite it in the Loews State Theater building (click image to enlarge).

... and Now,  in today's view the building that used to house Bullocks is still there, as is the State Theater, now operated as a church.  The Lankershim Hotel, just off the photo to the left, is no longer there, having been replaced in the 1980s by another building.

Then ...  They stand next to the pillar on the corner and, in a heart-wrenching conversation, they ardently profess their love for each other.  Then he leaves, never to see her again.


... and Now,  the same corner today - new building, no pillar.

... from the 1950s  ...  this vintage photo of the 7th and Broadway junction on a rainy day includes the same corner, with the pillar on the left below the Cola sign.

... from 1907  ...  the vintage photo below shows the Lankershim when it first opened.  It was a grand hotel with 250 rooms and 160 baths, a good ratio in those days.  It closed down after damage from the 1971 Sylmar San Fernando earthquake was deemed too expensive to repair.

... and Now,  the hotel was replaced with this retail/parking structure.  7th Street is on the left and Broadway on the right.

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