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San Francisco movie locations from classic films

San Francisco movie locations from classic films

The Lady From Shanghai - Acapulco - Beaches

  On the way to San Francisco the Circe puts in at Acapulco.  Filming here commenced mid October 1946 in old Acapulco and the Caleta Peninsula on the west side of Acapulco Bay and in the Puerto Marques Diamante area just to the east (see the map below).


Then ...  Elsa and her husband Arthur Bannister (Everett Sloane) treat their passengers to a picnic on the beach.  The Circe is moored behind them as Bannister, who walks with the aid of canes, is helped ashore (below) by his steward Sidney Broome (Ted de Corsia). Behind them is Bannister's law partner George Grisby (Glenn Anders) who had joined them in Acapulco.  This is the beach at Puerto Marques, at location A on the map above.

...  and Now,  the recent view shows some changes but, compared to the main bay around the coast, as we shall see, this one is still relatively undeveloped.


... on location ...  this promotional movie still of the beautiful Miss Hayworth was taken on the beach at Puerto Marques between takes - she is wearing the same outfit as in the movie scene above.


Then ...  The picnic party provisions are brought ashore but this is a different beach, Revolcadero beach just east of Puerto Marques (location B on the map above).

...  and Now,  the same mountain profile can be seen beyond the Fairmont Pierre Marques hotel in this recent photo taken from Revolcadero beach.


Then ...  They canoe through the mangroves in the Puerto Marques tropical lagoon which connects to Revolcadero beach.

The Lady From Shanghai -  Acapulco - Beaches

...  and Now,  the lagoon has been mostly taken over by vegetation but tourists can still navigate it on high-speed adventure boats.  Below is a capture from a promotional video.

The Lady From Shanghai -  Acapulco - Beaches


Then ...  Later O'Hara and Grisby go off on a walk.  Below they crest the hill above the twin Caleta (furthest) and Caletilla (nearest) beaches (location C on the map above).

The Lady From Shanghai -  Acapulco - Beaches

... in the 1960's ...  this postcard image shows the beaches from near the same spot as the movie view.  The large hotel in the background, the Grand Meigas, was opened in 1949 three years after the filming and is still there today.

...  and Now,  a recent aerial photo of these same two beaches shows how much the Caleta Peninsula has developed since the 1940s.  The two images above were taken from close to the tall apartment building seen below in the bottom left quadrant.

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