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San Francisco movie locations from classic films

San Francisco movie locations from classic films


The Movie 

Walk A Crooked Mile, directed by Gordon Douglas, premiered in San Francisco on September 16, 1948.  In documentary style narrated by the stern bass voice of Reed Hadley, it twists and turns its way through a joint investigation of communist spy activity by the FBI and Scotland Yard. Filmed at a time when the House Un-American Activities Committee was investigating the government and Hollywood for communist infiltrators, the movie tapped into the national ‘red scare’ paranoia later to reach its apotheosis during the McCarthyism era of communist and homosexual (then a crime) exposés.

The Story

    When a young FBI agent investigating leaks of atomic information from a nuclear research laboratory in Southern California is murdered his boss Daniel F. O’Hara (Dennis O’Keefe) suspects a communist emigré and tails him to San Francisco in the hope that he will be led to bigger fish. Once there he teams up with Scotland Yard’s Scotty Grayson (Louis Haywood) who has been intercepting paintings imported into Britain carrying hidden cryptic formulas. But the suspect is killed under their noses and attention shifts to an artist who he had contacted. His surveillance in turn leads them back to the research lab to interview a group of scientists, one of whom they expose as the traitor, but not before a series of harrowing encounters with the spy ring heavies (including Raymond Burr, in an early role).

The Locations

  1. Red Scare 100 block , N. Brand Boulevard, Glendale, California —- Federal Building, 312 N.Spring Street, Los Angeles —- Carlin Car Company, 1220 - 1234 S. Figeroa, Los Angeles

  2. Bus Ride Yerba Buena Island —- Oakland-SanFrancisco Bay Bridge

  3. Expendable 153 Octavia Street, Hayes Valley

    (More to come …)

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