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San Francisco movie locations from classic films

San Francisco movie locations from classic films

Where are these locations?

    CitySleuth found and posted most of the locations in the 1950 movie The Man Who Cheated Himself but has drawn a blank on two of them.  This is your chance to be a location sleuth - does anyone amongst you, dear readers, recognize them?  If so, please contact

    Often it turns out that hard-to-find San Francisco locations have been filmed elsewhere, usually Los Angeles.  Or a studio back lot.  So bear that in mind!

1.  Janet’s Studio

    It's unusual to see an entrance with a drawbridge but this place, on a steeply sloped street, has one.  Note too the clinker brick walls.


2.  Ed and Andy's place

    This building has similar brickwork to Janet’s studio but that could be coincidental.


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