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San Francisco movie locations from classic films

San Francisco movie locations from classic films

Bullitt - Cathy's Office

    Bullitt has arranged to meet friends for dinner and picks up his girlfriend Cathy at her office.  The scene was filmed at the office of the renowned San Francisco environmental architect Lawrence Halprin, designer of outdoor spaces across the nation including the F.D.R. Memorial, Sea Ranch, Ghirardelli Square, Levi Plaza and many more.  The office was at the base of Telegraph Hill at 1620 Montgomery Street, Suite 320, and is still home to an architectural firm, Theodore Brown and Partners.  The building exterior is not seen in the movie but a recent photo of 1620 Montgomery is shown below.

Bullitt - Cathy's Office


Then ...  Bullitt is seen here between the 2nd and 3rd floor on his way to the top floor.

... and Now,  the statue is gone but nothing else has changed.


Then ...  He is greeted by a pretty receptionist as he enters Cathy's office: Mr. Cool, raincoat nonchalantly slung over the shoulder,  (Does anybody do that any more?).

... and Now,  the open space has since been partitioned off.  It was more welcoming and convivial then.


Then ...  Bullitt waits patiently while Cathy finishes off a calculation.

... and Now,  below, note the vertical pipe to the left of where the partition meets the wall.  It's the same as the one above.


 ... on location ...  here's a panoramic view of the film crew setting up Cathy's workspace, taken from behind a planter on the mezzanine level.

... and Now,  from the same spot.


 ... on location ...  Steve McQueen, inseparable from the raincoat, chats to Lawrence Halprin between takes.

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