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San Francisco movie locations from classic films

San Francisco movie locations from classic films

 The Movie 

The Midnight Story was directed by Joseph Pevney who started off as an actor (one of his roles was a lorry driver in the San Francisco noir Thieves’ Highway) but switched to directing in 1950, becoming far better known in a career that spanned both film and television.  By the time he directed The Midnight Story he had already presided over 20 movies.  Adapted from an unproduced script “The Eyes Of Father Tomasino”,  the movie was filmed in a wide 2.35:1 format in July /August 1956, premiering in New York City on July 4, 1957.

The Story

    Joe Martini (Tony Curtis), an orphaned San Francisco traffic cop, is devastated by the murder of his mentor, catholic priest Father Tomasino.  When he sees Silvio Malatesta (Gilbert Roland) in an overtly agitated state at the funeral he is suspicious and asks his boss if he can investigate the murder.  Turned down, he turns in his badge and goes it alone, befriending Malatesta to find out more.  Welcomed into Malatesta’s home, Joe finds him to be a gregarious, kind and generous person and along the way falls for his attractive young cousin Anna (Marisa Pavan).  Torn between his love for Anna and continued suspicion for Silvio his conflicted search for the truth is finally realized in a jarring, almost operatic finale …

The Locations

  1. Opening Credits All-Hallows Chapel, 1440 Newhall Street, Bayview —- Newhall Street viewed from Palou Avenue, Bayview —- Harrison Street viewed across Fremont, Rincon Hill —- Merchant Street between Montgomery and Kearny, Portsmouth Square

    (More to come …)

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