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San Francisco movie locations from classic films

San Francisco movie locations from classic films

Thieves' Highway - Crate Labels

  The drab urban narrative of the Produce Market was punctuated by splashes of color on the sides of stacked crates.  These labels today have become collectibles.

Then ...  Mike Figlia is standing in front of his business at 364 Washington Street next to a stack of crates of Cape Cod cranberries.


... and here is that same Honker Brand label in full color, featuring flying geese.


Then ...  Nick walks past a stack of Melo-Glow melon crates.  This was a brand name of the Half Moon Fruit and Produce Co. whose building was used for Mike Figlia's business ...

... and below is a vintage photo of that same label, in full color.


  Let's walk down crate label memory lane and look at more, these from the businesses seen in the movie at and near the Washington - Davis junction.  Below are one from John DeMartini and one from Scatena Galli - ("Essangee", get it?) ...

... and these two from Levy & Zentner.


  But check these out ...  the F. H. Hogue Co. wasn't averse to using sex to push their products ...

... and this one - thankfully the red-faced redhead was wearing underwear.

  But this one tops them all!

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