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San Francisco movie locations from classic films

San Francisco movie locations from classic films

Woman On The Run - Coroner's Office

  Before Eleanor has a chance to go to Carmel to meet Frank she gets a chilling call from the police.  A dead man has been found and they think it might be her husband.  She hurries to the coroner's office.  When she is shown the stiff's face she faints, prompting Inspector Ferris to conclude that it was indeed Frank.

Then ...  The San Francisco Coroner's Office was in the old Hall of Justice at 750 Kearny Street opposite Portsmouth Square (map).  Eleanor enters the office from the Merchant Street alley side of the building.  The address, 650 Merchant Street, is plainly visible on the door.

... and Now,  the Merchant Street alley as it looks today from the same spot.  The Hall of Justice has since moved to 850 Bryant Street and the building was demolished in 1967 and replaced by a Holiday Inn, since changed to the Hilton Financial District Hotel.  Portsmouth Square is at the top of the alley.


... from 1964 ...  the vintage photo below of the old Hall Of Justice was taken from Portsmouth Square - it shows us how it looked when the movie was filmed.  Washington Street is on the left and Merchant Street runs down the right side of the building.  The distinctive building with its fan-shaped windows was featured in movies ('The Lineup' - see here and here) and TV shows ('Ironside', where Raymond Burr kept his office).

... and Now,  the Hilton San Francisco Financial District hotel (too much information!) occupies the site today.

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