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San Francisco movie locations from classic films

San Francisco movie locations from classic films

Woman On The Run - Oriental Roof Gardens and Sullivan's Grotto

  Eleanor and Leggett, still searching for her husband Frank, visit a favorite club of Frank's called Man Loh's Oriental Roof Gardens where club dancers Sammy and Susie suggest they try Sullivan's Grotto, a bar across the street.  Susie tells Leggett he reminds her of a portrait drawing that Frank had given her and Leggett realizes it must have been Frank's recollection of the killer he had witnessed.  This doesn't bode well for the unsuspecting Susie.


They leave the Roof Garden and cross the street to Sullivan's Grotto. 

Then ...  This is Commercial Street in Chinatown looking east from Grant Avenue.  The Roof Gardens is the building with the arched doorway on the far left at 776 Commercial.

... and Now,  Chinatown mercifully hasn't changed much since then.  776 Commercial is the green building.


Then ...  Leggett briefly excuses himself from the bar (the door behind him) and sneaks across the street back to the Roof Gardens.  He returns with the drawing and tears it up before rejoining Eleanor.

... and Now,  despite changes, for example that door has been filled in, the exterior is still clearly recognizable.  But this is no bar, it's the side of the Eastern Bakery to the right, the corner business at Grant Avenue.

... and Now,  below is the Eastern bakery at 720 Grant.  The Sullivan's Grotto entrance was actually its Commercial Street side door which led to the rear of the bakery.  Eastern Bakery, the oldest bakery in Chinatown, has been at this location since 1924 so the bar interior scenes must have been shot in a studio.


  When Leggett returns, bar owner Sullivan confides that Frank had just been there before heading off to an Army and Navy store to get a change of clothes.


  They leave to the sound of wailing sirens as passersby gather round the body of young Susie who had fallen from the balcony of the Roof Gardens.  The ruthless Leggett had silenced her once and for all.

  Then ... the passersby are standing in front of the club, at 776 Commercial.

... and Now,   the only obvious change appears to be the supports for the balcony; the railing is the same one.


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