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San Francisco movie locations from classic films

San Francisco movie locations from classic films

Woman On The Run - Searching for Frank - 2 (The Navy Stores)

  Following up on Sullivan's tip Eleanor and Leggett embark on a round of Navy stores.  These were real San Franciscan locations, three on the Embarcadero and one nearby on Market Street.

Then ... Their first stop is at Vic's Navy Tailors at 110 S. Embarcadero between Mission and Howard.

... and Now,  viewed from the same spot, looking south towards the Bay Bridge, the storefronts on this block have been rebuilt and the piers across the Embarcadero have been demolished.  The Hotel Griffon is down the block next to the Embarcadero YMCA.


Then ... Then on to Gus Kroesen's at 506 Market Street near the Battery Street intersection.

... and Now,  this block has seen dramatic change having been replaced by a modern highrise office building.

... from 1939 ...  in this vintage photo we see what the block used to look like - the tailor shop is a couple of stores along from Battery, the one with the awning.


Then ...  No luck yet so they move on to Frank's Naval Tailor at 124 S. Embarcadero, on the same block as Vic's, their first stop (note the 'Wines - Liquors' sign down the block, the same one seen in the Vic's shot).  This view is to the north towards the Ferry Building.

... and Now,  the recent view shows a remodelled block but the Ferry Building is still there, across the street to the right.  The Boulevard restaurant is at the end of this block.


Then ...  As they approach the fourth store we see the Ferry Building through its window some blocks in the distance and a hotel sign just ahead which reads 'Hotel  Colchester Apartments'.  The Colchester was at 259 Embarcadero on the block between Jackson and Oregon.  But this scene was filmed in a studio using a rear projection to virtually set the location of the store, meant to be at the corner of Jackson and the Embarcadero.

... from Thieves Highway ...  In 1949 the San Francisco movie Thieves Highway included location footage of the Colchester Hotel.  The panning camera captured this panorama showing the same sign above the hotel entrance.

... and Now,  today, this whole block has been swallowed up, part of the huge Golden Gateway redevelopment project. A parking lot (below) has replaced it.  For more on the Colchester Hotel and its location see here.

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