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San Francisco movie locations from classic films

San Francisco movie locations from classic films

Woman On The Run - Tailing Eleanor

  When Eleanor leaves the doctor's office she pretends not to notice the cop assigned to follow her; he's hoping she will lead him to her husband Frank.

Then ...  the cop is leaning on the cable car signal booth on the corner of California and Powell.  The Fairmont Hotel spans the block up the hill on the right and Grace Cathedral is two blocks up on Taylor, its second tower yet to be constructed.

... and Now,  the signal booth is dilapidated but still in use, controlling the two cable car lines that cross at the junction.  The Fairmont Hotel looks the same from here, as does the wall and fire hydrant on the corner at left, but a tree mostly blocks the since completed Grace Cathedral.


Then ...    The cop tails Eleanor down Powell Street on the block between California and Pine.  The tall building on the left down the road is the Sir Francis Drake Hotel.  Way in the distance are the steep streets on the north face of Potrero Hill.

...and Now,  the hotel is still there but hidden behind the modern building... Potrero Hill is still visible from here.


Then ...  The cop follows her down the road but this was filmed in a different neighborhood.  She's walking south on Montgomery Street between Vallejo and Green on Telegraph Hill; who knows why, perhaps the moviemakers preferred the style of these particular houses. 

... and Now,  the houses remain unchanged except for those on the corner of Green Street up on the left.


Then ...    When she gets to town she suddenly plants a kiss on a complete stranger then hurries off, leaving the cop to apprehend the wrong, albeit appreciative, guy, thinking it's her husband, the man they are looking for.  This is Market Street in front of the old Emporium, now the Westfield Center.

... and Now,  looking across Market from the same spot; the Stockton Street junction is across the road..

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