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San Francisco movie locations from classic films

San Francisco movie locations from classic films

Woman On The Run - Witness to a Murder

    Johnson witnesses a man being shot and narrowly escapes when the killer takes a pot-shot at him.

Then ...  The car takes off, leaving the body behind.  Note the two houses behind the dead man - on the right is the Harmonia Apartments at 138 N. Hill Street and the one to the left is 150 N. Hill Street on the corner of Court Street.

from 1924 ...  this vintage aerial photo shows us where those two houses were, on the Hill Street block above the Hill Street Tunnel in Los Angeles.  The tunnel's double bore, the left one for streetcars, the right one for cars, is seen left of center at the bottom of the photo.  The old Hall of Records building, long gone, is at center right and the Hotel Broadway is dead center, stepping up the slope where the Court Flight cable car used to run.

... and Now,  a Google satellite image of this city block.  Bunker Hill was flattened and hauled away starting in the 1950s and redeveloped as an extension of the Civic Center.  The buildings seen above and in the movie capture no longer exist.  As a reference point, the Los Angeles City Hall is just visible in the top right corner.

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