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San Francisco movie locations from classic films

San Francisco movie locations from classic films

The Sniper (1952)

The Movie

     The Sniper is one of the earliest movies portraying a serial killer.  Set in mid-century San Francisco, it has great location scenes, many of them in and around the Telegraph Hill neighborhood.  Despite the serious subject matter, the portrayal of the inner torment of the killer invokes an element of sympathy from the viewer.  Interestingly, considering how much of the city is shown, there is no mention of its name in the dialog, perhaps to mollify those city elders who may not have welcomed the association with the chilling crimes depicted.  Director Edward Dmytryk filmed the movie in less than a month between September 24 and October 20,1951 and it was released in the U.S. on May 9,1952.

The Story

    A killer is on the loose in the city.  Eddie Miller (Arthur Franz) has been abused as a child by his mother; as a result he is left with a major chip on his shoulder with women.  His extreme response to a personal slight is to stalk the woman involved and gun her down.  The police react in knee-jerk fashion until guided back on track by police psychiatrist Dr. James Kent (Richard Kiley).

The Locations

  1. Dry Run   471 - 475 Filbert Street  ---  450 - 456 Filbert Street, Telegraph Hill
  2. Hangups   Columbia Ranch back lot, Burbank
  3. First Victim's Apartment   36 Calhoun Terrace, Telegraph Hill
  4. Stalking Jean   Calhoun Terrace  ---  Montgomery Steps  ---  Bannan Place
  5. Paper Doll Club   524 Union Street, North Beach  --- 517 - 523 Union Street
  6. Stickball   138 North Hill Street above the Hill Street Tunnel, Los Angeles
  7. Second Victim's Apartment   301 - 307 Green Street at Montgomery, Telegraph Hill
  8. Third Victim's House   Spreckels Mansion, 2080 Washington Street, Pacific Heights
  9. Mayor's Office   City Hall, Civic Center
  10. Gunman On A Roof   1065 Montgomery Street and other rooftops near Vallejo, Telegraph Hill
  11. Fourth Victim, in the Park   Buena Vista Park, the Haight
  12. Amusement Park   The Pike at Long Beach, Southern California
  13. A Major Break In The Case   Washington Street near Mason  ---  Washington Street at Powell
  14. Fifth Victim, on the Smokestack,  14 Mint Plaza rooftop  ---  NRG Energy Center Smokestack, Jessie Street  ---  Brick Building across Jessie from NRG Energy Center
  15. Desperate Dash Home   Filbert between Battery and Sansome  ---  Lower Filbert Steps  ---  Private Steps down to 267 Green Street  ---  Vallejo at Montgomery  ---  Varennes Street between Union and Filbert  ---  450 - 456 Filbert Street
  16. The Police Move In   450 - 456 Filbert Street at Grant Avenue, Telegraph Hill

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