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San Francisco movie locations from classic films

San Francisco movie locations from classic films

The Sniper - Stalking Jean

Then ...  It's payback time - more than miffed by Jean Darr's brushing him off, Miller hides outside her apartment at night, with his rifle.  She leaves her apartment and walks down lower Calhoun Terrace with Miller, on the upper level, following (map).

... and Now,  mostly unchanged but for the Transamerica and Bank of America buildings in the distance.  Part of the wall on the left has been replaced but some of the original art deco embossments remain, at far left


Then ...  Miller scurries around the retaining wall where the two levels of Calhoun converge so as not to lose sight of her.  Behind him is the 200 block of Union Street leading up to Montgomery (map).

... and Now,   the purple cottages and the flat-fronted Italianate house next to it up the hill are amongst the oldest houses on Telegraph Hill, they were built in the 1850s 


Then ...  Next, he follows her down the Montgomery steps between Union and Green Streets (map).

... and Now,  from the same spot.

  Here's another view of the Montgomery steps today. 


Then ...  They are then seen, in this wonderfully noirish image, walking along Bannam Place from Green towards Union (map).

... and Now ...  it's great to find so much of Telegraph Hill as it's always been.

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