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San Francisco movie locations from classic films

San Francisco movie locations from classic films

The Sniper - Second Victim's Apartment

  Miller visits a nearby bar and strikes up a conversation with May Nelson (Marlo Dwyer) who, comfortable with her initial impression, gives him her name and address.  But when his conversation grows increasingly bizzare she rebukes him and walks away.  Uh-oh.


Then ...  We next see her walking unsteadily down a very steep sidewalk - the bar must have closed.  She rounds the corner, enters the building and heads up to her second floor corner room.  These street names are fictitious - this is actually the corner of Green Street and Montgomery Street on Telegraph Hill.

... and Now,  This house is still there, address 301 - 307 Green Street. (map).  The exterior has been modified but all the original doors and windows on both streets were serendipitously retained or visibly filled in, allowing the location to be identified.


  She fixes herself a drink.  A shot rings out and just like that May Nelson becomes the sniper's second victim.


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