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San Francisco movie locations from classic films

San Francisco movie locations from classic films

The Sniper - The Police Move In

  The police have Miller's house surrounded, taking no chances, posting snipers on nearby rooftops ... appropriate, perhaps?

Then ... Lt. Kafka and Sgt. Ferris hustle across Grant Avenue on Filbert Street past the gawking crowd.  Note the KPIX TV van and crew over to the left.  KPIX still serves the Bay Area on Channel 5 (click image to enlarge)..

... and Now,  It's good to see the auto repair shop still in business (map).  The church along Filbert is Saints Peter and Paul on Washington Square.


Then ... Coit Tower looms over Miller's house at 450 - 456 Filbert Street (also seen earlier)  Next to it up the hill is Garfield Elementary School.

... and Now,  The eyesore power lines have been hidden away but the house and the school are still there.


  The police sneak up to Miller's room and a bloody ending seems inevitable, especially when they machine-gun the lock in true 1950s gangster style ...

... but Miller doesn't resist - in a surprisingly poignant denouement the camera slowly tracks in as he sits there, quietly suffering in his own way, just glad it's all finally over.

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