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San Francisco movie locations from classic films

San Francisco movie locations from classic films

Bullitt - Church

  Bullitt's boss in the police force is Captain Bennett (Simon Oakland).  He is a church-going man and is shown below taking his family up the steps of Grace Cathedral, on the corner of Taylor and California, where he finds district attorney Chalmers waiting for him.

Then ...   The landmark structure was built on the site of the railroad baron Charles Crocker's residential mansion which had been destroyed in the 1906 fire.  Construction began in 1928 and when it was completed in 1964 it was the third largest Episcopal cathedral in the nation.

... and Now,  the George Gibbs Memorial Hall which stood in front of the cathedral (just visible at the right edge of the movie capture) has been removed, making way for a grander expanse of steps up to the cathedral.


Then ...   On the balcony, an angry Chalmers tries but fails to get Bennett to reveal where Bullitt has hidden the witness.  The view behind them is of Huntington Park, formerly the site of the Collis Huntington mansion, looking towards the Pacific Union Club, formerly the James Flood mansion.  Both mansions befell the same fate as Charles Crocker's in 1906.

... and Now,   the park and club look the same today.


Then ...   Chalmers storms off in a huff (below).  The cathedral is to his right and we see the view west down California Street.

... and Now,   the Phillips 76 gas station on the corner of Jones was replaced in 1972 by the bulky Gramercy Towers condominiums.

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