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San Francisco movie locations from classic films

San Francisco movie locations from classic films

The Lineup (1958)

lineup tryptich.jpg

The Movie

      The Lineup, influenced by the earlier TV series of the same name, starts off as a typical police investigation of smuggled heroin but becomes far more interesting after it segues into an intriguing character study of the criminals involved.  Director Don Siegel uses his camera to maximum effect to capture mid-century San Francisco, using many popular locations that are no longer there today, a record of the past, and for good measure he throws in an exciting car chase which predates by a decade the better-known one in the movie Bullitt.  The movie was released in the U.S. on June 11, 1958.

The Story

     An odd trio of crooks seek out returning travelers who had unwittingly carried planted heroin back to San Francisco.  Their pathological hitman, Dancer (a malevolent Eli Wallach), systematically eliminates the innocent carriers as they retrieve the loot until of all things a child’s doll gets in their way.  The denouement includes a hair-raising high speed car chase across the city as the police investigation closes in …

 The Locations

  1. Bungled Heist   Pier 41, the Embarcadero at Jefferson
  2. First Responders   Cole Street at Carmel Street---  Great Highway at Lincoln Way---  Wisconsin Street near 22nd Street---  El Camino Del Mar at 32nd Street---  Embarcadero at Jefferson Street
  3. Police Headquarters   Hall of Justice, 750 Kearny Street
  4. Window Views   Financial Center Building at 500 California Street---  Russian Hill as viewed from Coit Tower
  5. Opera House   War Memorial Opera House, 301 Van Ness Ave at Grove Street
  6. Customs Office   U.S. Custom House, 555 Battery Street near Jackson
  7. Lineup   Studio set based on the Hall of Justice's Show-Up Room
  8. Lefty Jenkins' Room   View down Mason Street past Filbert---  Kent Street off Mason Street, Russian Hill
  9. Dead Porter   The pier at the Pearce Street beach, The Presidio
  10. Arrival in San Francisco   Golden Gate Bridge flyover---  Terminal 2, San Francisco Airport
  11. Motel With A View   Bayside Motel, 2011 Bayshore Boulevard at Hester, Bayshore Heights, Visitacion Valley
  12. Passenger Terminal   Mission Rock Terminal, Pier 50, Mission Bay
  13. Seaman's Club   Embarcadero YMCA, The Embarcadero near Howard Street
  14. Sanders' Residence   Whittier Mansion, 2090 Jackson Street at Laguna, Pacific Heights
  15. Mark Hopkins Hotel   One Nob Hill, California and Mason
  16. Steinhart Aquarium and de Young Museum   Golden Gate Park
  17. Sutro's and Cliff House   Point Lobos Avenue, Land's End
  18. Car Chase,  Lands End---  Lincoln Park---  Sea Cliff---  Presidio---  Marina---  Embarcadero at North Beach---  Rincon Hill
  19. Dancer's Demise   I-480 Freeway, above First Street alongside Folsom Street

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