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San Francisco movie locations from classic films

San Francisco movie locations from classic films

D.O.A. (1950)

The Movie

    D.O.A. is a fast-paced noir thriller that begins and ends in Los Angeles but has lots of San Francisco action in between.  The dramatic opening sequence and excellent cinematography by Ernest Laszlo make up for a challenging storyline and keep the viewer on edge as the protagonist frantically tries to make sense of the last days of his life.  The movie was directed by Rudolph Maté and released in the U.S. on April 30, 1950.

The Story

    Frank Bigelow (Edmond O'Brien) is a notary and tax accountant from a small California town spending a few days vacation in San Francisco.  At a lively waterfront bar somebody slips him a mickey finn.  The next day, feeling sick, he is thunderstruck to learn from a doctor that he has been incurably poisoned and has just days to live.  He spends his limited time desperately seeking out who was responsible and why ...

    (The movie is here on YouTube - at least watch the dramatic opening 2 mins 20 secs)

 The Locations

  1. "I wanna report a murder"   City Hall, 200 N. Spring Street, Los Angeles
  2. City Vista   View from the Top O' The Mark, Mark Hopkins Hotel, One Nob Hill, San Francisco
  3. Hotel   St. Francis Hotel, 335 Powell Street, Union Square, San Francisco
  4. Fisherman Club   Jack's Waterfront Hangout, 111 Embarcadero at Merchant Street, San Francisco
  5. Diagnosis   Chambord Apartments, 1298 Sacramento Street at Jones, Nob Hill, San Francisco
  6. Second Opinion   1400 Fell Street at Baker, the Haight, San Francisco
  7. A Mad Dash Through Town   1400 Fell Street---  900 and 800 blocks, Market Street---  Embarcadero at Market, San Francisco
  8.   The Bradbury Building, 304 S. Broadway, Los Angeles
  9. Car Rental   Stanway Motors, 1919 Van Ness between Washington and Jackson, San Francisco
  10. Photo Studio and Gasworks   Southern California Gas Co's Macy Street plant, Macy and Lyon near the Macy St. bridge, Los Angeles
  11. Bigelow Is Kidnapped   933 S. Broadway (United Artists Theater)  ---  842 S. Broadway (Orpheum Theater)  ---  744 S. Broadway (Globe Theater), Los Angeles
  12. Narrow Escape   (virtual location) Lankershim Hotel, 700 S. Broadway, Los Angeles
  13. Allison Hotel - Final Farewell   (Entrance) 215 W. 7th Street---  (Street corner) Lankershim Hotel, 700 S. Broadway, Los Angeles
  14. The Philips' Apartment   (House) Chateau Chaumont, 855 S. Serrano Avenue at 9th Street, Koreatown---  (Window View) Bullock's Wilshire Tower from Lafayette Park, Westlake, Los Angeles
  15. Bus Ride   Junction of Western Avenue and W. 8th, Koreatown---  Gaylord Hotel, 3355 Wilshire Blvd, Koreatown  ---  Clifton's Cafeteria, 648 Broadway at 7th, Los Angeles
  16. The Showdown   The Million Dollar Building, 307 S. Broadway,  ---  The Bradbury Building, 304 S. Broadway, Los Angeles

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