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San Francisco movie locations from classic films

San Francisco movie locations from classic films

Days of Wine and Roses (1962)

days tryptich.jpg

The Movie

     Director Blake Edwards had to work hard to find backing for a movie about alcoholism.  The result was a critically acclaimed unflinching look at the devastating impact the disease had on the lives of a young couple.  Powerful performances brought Jack Lemmon and Lee Remick leading role Oscar nominations in a story as much about love as despair.  The lone Oscar captured by the film went to Henry Mancini for his eponymous title song.

The Story

     Joe Clay (Lemmon) is a public relations man who has had one too many three martini lunches. He becomes taken with Kristen Arnesen (Remick), a teetotaller who succumbs to his encouragement and embraces the pleasures of social drinking.  They marry and have a baby daughter but their increasing dependence on alcohol sends their lives into a wrenching spiral ...

   (Watch the trailer here)

The Locations -

  1. A Rocky Start St. Francis Yacht Club parking lot, the Marina --- Turning Basin, the harbor, Newport Beach

  2. Kirsten's Office The PG&E Building at 245 Market Street, Financial District

  3. Kirsten's First Sip Place Pigalle Restaurant, 3721 Buchanan Street, the Marina

  4. Kirsten's Place (virtual location) 298 Union Street at Montgomery, Telegraph Hill

  5. Joe and Kirsten's Apartment 1800 Pacific Avenue at Franklin, Pacific Heights

  6. Oil Field Signal Hill, Long Beach, California

  7. Reflections 177 Maiden Lane, Union Square

  8. Meltdown Probably Warner Bros back lot, Burbank

  9. Relapse Probably Warner Bros back lot, Burbank

  10. Epilogue Chaspeak Apartments, 512 W. 2nd Street, Bunker Hill, Los Angeles


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