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San Francisco movie locations from classic films

San Francisco movie locations from classic films


The Movie

   The original 1956 film of the same name, directed by Don Siegel and starring Kevin McCarthy, was set in a small Southern California town.  In his remake director Phil Kaufman moved the action to San Francisco, skillfully pulling all levers to create an even scarier presentation and guarantee the film a permanent, deserved place in the sci-fi horror genre.  In a nod to his predecessors Kaufman's film included a cameo appearance for both Siegel and McCarthy. 

The Story

   An endangered alien life form sends out spores from their doomed world to drift across space in search of another home.  When they arrive on Planet Earth, their ruthless plan gradually becomes apparent as, one by one, humans become replaced by a look-alike alien, identical in all respects except for a complete lack of emotion.  City employees Matthew Bennell (Donald Sutherland) and Elizabeth Driscoll (Brooke Adams) along with friends Jack and Nancy Belicec (Jeff Goldblum and Veronica Cartwright), realize what is going on and wage a desperate fight for their survival.

The Locations

  1. Alien Stealth Lafayette Park near Gough and Clay, Pacific Heights

  2. Elizabeth's Home 720 Steiner Street, Alamo Square

  3. Rat Turd Caper Bimbo's 365, 1025 Columbus Avenue, North Beach

  4. Matthew's Office Room 410, 101 Grove Street, Civic Center

  5. Matthew’s Home 1227 Montgomery Street, Telegraph Hill

  6. Chinese Laundry 731 Grant Ave, Chinatown --- Grant at Sacramento, Chinatown --- 1515 Waller Street, the Haight

  7. "They're Coming! They're Coming" Leavenworth and Eddy junction, Tenderloin --- Hamlin Hotel, 385 Eddy Street, Tenderloin

  8. What's With Geoffrey? 720 Steiner Street, Alamo Square --- Footbridge over Washington Street, Financial District --- One Maritime Plaza escalator, Financial District --- Powell Street near turntable, Union Square

  9. Bookstore 50 Clement Street, Inner Richmond

  10. Terror At The Mud Baths 5499 California Street at 17th Avenue, Outer Richmond

  11. Bureaucratic Runaround Union Square, northeast corner —- Front Street near Sacramento, Financial District —- One Powell Street, Union Square —- 45 Powell Street, Union Square —- Ellis and Powell Street junction, Union Square

  12. Kibner, Revealed 1227 Montgomery Street, Telegraph Hill

  13. Pods In The Garden 1227 Montgomery Street, Telegraph Hill

  14. Run For Your Lives! Napier Lane, Telegraph Hill —- Filbert Steps, Telegraph Hill

  15. On The Waterfront Pier 33, the Embarcadero at Bay Street

  16. Cab Ride Beppino’s, 1231 Market Street, Mid Market —- Condor Club, Broadway at Columbus, North Beach —- Hungry I club, Broadway at Romolo Place, North Beach —- Broadway Tunnel, Russian Hill

  17. Capture And Escape U.N. Plaza, Civic Center —- Dept. Of Public Health, 101 Grove Street, Civic Center —- South side of City Hall, Civic Center —- East side of Dept. Of Public Health, Civic Center

  18. Elizabeth Succumbs! Building 6, Pier 70, Dogpatch

  19. Suffer Little Children PSA San Franciscan Hotel (now the Whitcomb), 1231 Market Street, Mid Market

  20. No Hope 101 Grove Street, Civic Center —- Civic Center Plaza

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