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San Francisco movie locations from classic films

San Francisco movie locations from classic films


The Movie

   It was a remake of his successful Broadway play of the same name and it's remembered as a Woody Allen film but  he turned to Herbert Ross to direct it.  The lead players in the play, Woody Allen, Diane Keaton, Tony Roberts and Jerry Lacy all reprised their roles for the movie.  The play was set in Manhattan, the movie so planned also, but a film workers’ strike in New York when shooting was scheduled to begin brought it instead to San Francisco; instead of being a resident of W. 10th Street, Allen's character's address became a North Beach apartment.  While the classic movie 'Casablanca' had a strong influence on and was regularly referenced in this movie, the expression 'Play It Again, Sam' was never actually a part of the Casablanca script. The movie was filmed in 1971 and released in the U.S. on Jan 1, 1972.

The Story

   Film critic Allan Felix (Woody Allen) was jolted and jilted when his wife Nancy (Susan Anspachwalks out on him, casting aspersions on, amongst other things, his lack of sexual competence.  He watches the classic movie Casablanca and marvels at Humphrey Bogart's insouciant attitude to women.  His best friends, a married couple Linda (Diane Keaton) and Dick (Tony Roberts), try to console him by lining him up with a series of dates but his insecurities guarantee a hilarious succession of failures.  Even the conjured smack-em-in-the-teeth advice of an apparition, an avatar, of Bogart  (Jerry Lacy) struggles to boost his self-confidence.  Allan slowly comes to realize that the woman for him is Linda, leading to a denouement straight out of Casablanca.

The Locations

  1. Role Model Surf Theater, 4510 Irving Street, Sunset --- Cine Cafe, 4508 Irving Street, Sunset

  2. Launderette G & G Self-Serve Laundry, 501 Greenwich Street, Telegraph Hill

  3. She's Leaving Home Kearny Street block between Vallejo and Broadway, North Beach

  4. Allan's Apartment, Exterior 15 Fresno Street, North Beach

  5. Allan's Apartment, Interior 1212 Lombard Street, Russian Hill

  6. Hong Fat Noodle Company Yank Sing Restaurant, 671 Broadway, North Beach-Chinatown

  7. Nymphomaniac 2518 Buchanan Street, Pacific Heights --- 2065 Vallejo Street, Cow Hollow

  8. Art Gallery 4th Floor, Veteran's Building, Civic Center

  9. Beach House Waldo (since renamed Robin Williams) Tunnel, Marin County --- 336 Seadrift Road, Stinson Beach, Marin County --- Stinson Beach from Highway 1, Marin County

  10. On The Waterfront Spinnaker Restaurant, 100 Spinnaker Drive, Sausalito --- Trident Restaurant, 558 Bridgeway, Sausalito

  11. Julie's Choice (Possibly) the Hidive, Pier 28, Soma --- (Possibly) the Pier Head, 780 Embarcadero S., South Beach Mission Bay

  12. At The Park Music Concourse, Golden Gate Park

  13. Conflicting Advice … Still searching for the market store location …

  14. They Do It 1212 Lombard Street, Russian Hill —- Hyde Street viewed from Bay, Russian Hill

  15. Linda’s House 2614 Buchanan Street, Pacific Heights

  16. Elated Buchanan at Vallejo, Cow Hollow —- Buchanan between Broadway and Pacific, Pacific Heights —- Vallejo cul-de-sac above Montgomery, Telegraph Hill

  17. Fearful Ocean Beach, Outer Richmond —- Pagoda Palace Theater, Columbus and Powell, North Beach —- Cuneo Bakery, 523 Green Street, North Beach

  18. To The Airport! Fresno Street, North Beach —- Buchanan Street near Pacific Ave, Pacific Heights —- Central Terminal, San Francisco International Airport

  19. Casablanca Finale Hollywood/Burbank Airport

      (more locations on their way)

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