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San Francisco movie locations from classic films

San Francisco movie locations from classic films

The Movie

     The House Across The Bay, based on an original story by Myles Connolly, was released by United Artists but produced by independent  producer Walter Wanger.  It was directed by Archie Mayo and starred Joan Bennett (who married Wanger shortly before the movie was released) and George Raft, on loan from Warner Brothers.  Most of the production was filmed on a soundstage but establishing exteriors were used throughout.  The movie begins in New York before shifting to San Francisco and on the way treats viewers to no less than 26 different outfits worn by the leading lady.

The Story

     New York nightclub owner Steve Larwitt (Raft), a tough cookie from the East Side, amasses a small fortune via gambling and other dubious endeavors.  He marries showgirl Brenda Bentley (Bennett) who is shaken when another racketeer almost succeeds in bumping him off.  To protect him from further attempts, she schemes with their lawyer Slant Kolma (San Francisco actor Lloyd Nolan) to tip off the IRS thinking that he will get no more than a one year sentence for tax evasion.  But Slant is in love with Brenda and sees a way of making her available - he bungles the defense and Larwitt is sentenced to ten years at Alcatraz.  After moving to San Francisco to be near her husband Brenda meets airplane designer Tim Nolan (Walter Pidgeon); reluctantly she finds herself gradually falling for him.  The jealous lawyer tips off Larwitt spurring him to pull off an escape from Alcatraz with only one thing in mind ... revenge!

The Locations

  1. A Harsh Sentence Broadway at 49th St., New York --- Santa Anita Park, Arcadia, California

  2. Alcatraz Alcatraz Island, San Francisco Bay --- Pier 4, Fort Mason, Marina --- Coastguard Pier, Crissy Field, Presidio

  3. The House 301 Lombard Street, with window views taken from the parking lot at Coit Tower, Telegraph Hill

  4. Rock Widows Alcatraz --- Aquatic Park

  5. Tim's Best Friend 301 Lombard Street, Telegraph Hill

  6. At The Airport Clover Field, Santa Monica, California

  7. White Knuckles Treasure Island (aerial) --- Financial District (aerial) --- Alcatraz Island (aerial)

  8. Brenda Skips Town Window view of Alcatraz taken from the parking lot at Coit Tower, Telegraph Hill --- Window view of 343 Powell Street taken from Union Square

  9. Bittersweet Revenge Grand Central Air Terminal, Glendale --- Alcatraz Island (aerial)

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