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San Francisco movie locations from classic films

San Francisco movie locations from classic films

Petulia (1968)

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    CitySleuth has a special interest in this movie, in part because it captures San Francisco during its unique but shortlived Flower Power era (he was there), and because he feels an affinity towards leading lady Julie Christie in that he once slept in her bed.  He kids you not.  (He won't get into the details - suffice to say it wasn't what you might think).

The Movie 

    Petulia was released in the U.S. on June 10, 1968 during the Haight-Ashbury revolution and includes performances by Janis Joplin with Big Brother and the Holding Company and by the Grateful Dead, who also appear in a brief cameo.  Director Richard Lester was particularly in tune with the 60's vibe having a few years earlier directed The Beatles in 'A Hard Day's Night' and 'Help'.  This excellent movie, surprisingly little known, is beautifully shot by cinematographer Nicholas Roeg and accompanied by an evocative music score by John Barry.  Bold use of flashforwards and flashbacks challenge the viewer at times but it all comes together in the end.

The Story

    Archie Bolden (George C. Scott) is a surgeon suffering from mid-life crisis and just divorced from his wife Polo (Shirley Knight).  He attends a Nob Hill fundraiser where he meets Petulia (Julie Christie), surprisingly friendly and recently married into a rich old San Francisco family to spoiled scion David Danner (Richard Chamberlain).  She suggests a tryst but he declines instant gratification only to find himself slowly drawn into her kooky yet troubled world ...

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The Locations -

  1. Fundraiser   The Fairmont Hotel Lobby, Nob Hill
  2. Motel Check-in   Hilton Union Square Hotel Garage, 200 Ellis Street, near Mason
  3. Motel Room   5th floor, Tower 3, Hilton Union Square Hotel, 333 O'Farrell Street
  4. Cab rides   East on Broadway from Stockton
  5. After the Tryst   225 Ellis Street, near Mason
  6. O'Dell's Pawn Shop and Ginsberg's Dublin Pub   401 Bay Street and 400 Bay Street at Mason
  7. Topless Club   Varni's Roaring 20s Club, 807 Montgomery Street
  8. Tuba   Upper level of Montgomery Street by the Filbert Steps
  9. Shopping in Chinatown   1053 and 1055 Stockton Street, Chinatown
  10. Companions of the Evergreen Lodge   782 Sacramento Street near Grant, Chinatown
  11. Picnic in the Park   Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park --- Music Concourse in Golden Gate Park
  12. Archie's Apartment, Exterior   307 Filbert Street, Filbert Steps, Telegraph Hill
  13. Archie's Apartment, Interior   307 Filbert Street, apts B & C combined
  14. Supermarket   Cala Foods, 1095 Hyde Street at California
  15. Meeting Oliver   El Toreo Bullring, Tijuana, Mexico --- Oscar's Drive-in, 721 E San Ysidro Blvd, San Ysidro, California
  16. Day Trippers   Pier 43 1/2, The Embarcadero --- Alcatraz --- Fort Point, Marine Drive, The Presidio
  17. Brutal Beating   Rear exit of 307 Filbert Street --- 103/105 Alta Street, Telegraph Hill
  18. Barney's Residence   3232 or 3234 Pacific Avenue, near the Presidio Gate
  19. The Mendoza Residence   4295 Callan Boulevard, Daly City
  20. Petulia's Residence   (Carport) 401 Belvedere Avenue, Belvedere --- (House) Paradise Drive at Keil Cove, Tiburon
  21. The Danner Residence   The Sausalito hillside between Atwood Avenue and San Carlos Avenue, below the Sausalito Woman's Club
  22. Roller Derby   Winterland, 2000 Post Street at Steiner
  23. Bad Accident   The Embarcadero near the Market Street junction
  24. Viola Lee Blues Montage   Reno Hotel, 69 Harriet Street, SoMa --- Talbot-Dutton House, 1782 Pacific at Franklin --- City Skylines viewed from Marin Headlands --- Muir Woods National Monument --- Julius Castle, Montgomery Street, Telegraph Hill --- California and Powell Streets junction
  25. Penguin Show   Anchorage Shopping Center, Fisherman's Wharf, Jefferson and Leavenworth
  26. South Of The Border   Kappas Marina, now called Richardson Bay Marina, 100 Gate 6 Road, Sausalito
  27. A Bittersweet Goodbye   California Pacific Medical Center, 3801 Sacramento Street, Pacific Heights


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