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San Francisco movie locations from classic films

San Francisco movie locations from classic films

Bullitt - Hotel

  On arrival in San Francisco, Johnny Ross takes a cab to the Mark Hopkins Hotel on Nob Hill.  In the panorama below the cab has just passed the Fairmont Hotel (center), crossed California Street and is turning into the Mark Hopkins' tiny courtyard.  The Pacific Union Club is partially visible at far left and the Brocklebank Apartments are behind the Fairmont; both were prominently featured in the 1958 movie Vertigo.

Then ... 

... and Now


Then ...    Ross is expecting a message at the front desk and, surprised it's not there, he turns and leaves, giving us a view of the lobby.

... and Now,  the lobby is remodelled but the magnificent chandeliers, reflected in the mirrored wall above, are still there.


Then ...    As he leaves the hotel in his cab a doorman tips somebody off that Ross is in town.  The cab is seen below heading east on California past the Top O' The Mark entrance.

... and Now,  the Top O' The Mark lounge continues to be a popular destination with its sweeping views of the city.  Note the towering Bank of America building down California, still under construction (above) when the movie was filmed.  In both views the ubiquitous cable car adds a timeless continuity to the scene.

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