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San Francisco movie locations from classic films

San Francisco movie locations from classic films

Dark Passage - George's House

  Parry takes a cab to the only friend he has in town - a musician, George Fellsinger (Rory Mallinson) - hoping to stay with him for a short while.  The cab drives through downtown and is seen in the composited capture below as it makes a turn at a bustling intersection bejewelled with neon signs.

Then ...  The cab is turning from Kearny Street into Geary where they meet at Market Street (map). Granvilles Jewellers is at 2 Geary on the corner and next to it is Pastine's Liquors at 15 Kearny.  The Lighthouse Coffee Shop is next again at 17 Kearny and next to it is F. Corelli's Grill.

... and Now,  the neon signs are gone.  it would seem that downtown was a far livelier place back then.  To quote L.P. Hartley ...  "The past is a foreign country, they do things differently there". 


  The cab drops him off at George's house on Russian Hill at the end of a short cul-de-sac, Florence Street, off Vallejo (map).

Then ...  the house is One Florence, a modest one story wooden structure at the end on the right with a great view to the south across the city.  Note the two highrise apartment buildings on the horizon and the single tower to their left, part of the partially constructed Grace Cathedral.

... and Now,  a three story apartment building now sits at the One Florence site.  The highrise apartments are still there, 1250 Jones (the tallest) and 1360 Jones in front of it, now surrounded by others.

... and Now,  George's view today, from a balcony of One Florence, now includes the completed Grace Cathedral.


  George agrees to let Parry stay and gives him a spare key.  Parry leaves to have plastic surgery to change his facial features but when he returns he finds somebody has killed George by whacking the poor guy with, of all things, his trumpet.  The irony - he lived by it, he died by it.

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