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San Francisco movie locations from classic films

San Francisco movie locations from classic films

Dark Passage - Into the City

   Parry knocks Baker out with a swift punch to the jaw and while he considers what to do next an attractive young artist, Irene Jansen (Lauren Bacall) pulls up in her station wagon and asks him to come with her.  Puzzled, but short on options, he reluctantly agrees.


Then ...  He hides in the back of her wagon and they drive south on Highway 101 through the Waldo Tunnel (map) to the Golden Gate bridge.

... and Now


Then ...  As they exit the tunnel we see that back then it was single bore with 2-way traffic.

...and Now,  a second bore was added in 1955, on the right below, allowing one way traffic.


   Irene talks her way through a police blockade at the bridge and they drive into the city.  

Then ...  In the Presidio they turn from Lincoln Blvd into Long Avenue (map) .  Crissy field is ahead; originally an Army airfield in the Marina district from 1921 to 1936.

... and Now,   the red-roofed building in the foreground is still there but one of the piers is not.

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