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San Francisco movie locations from classic films

San Francisco movie locations from classic films

Dark Passage - Kean Hotel

  In the Fillmore, Parry eludes the law and runs into an alley opposite Harry's Wagon (below) ... but when he emerges from the alley he has been transported to skid row on Mission Street, South of Market, miles across town!  Note the all day parking rate in 1947 - that would be a little over $2.00 today, such a deal.


Then ...  He turns right from the alley and checks into the Kean Hotel right next door.

... and Now,  the Kean is still there, now a residential hotel, at 1018 Mission between 6th and 7th Streets (map).  This part of town is still a throwback to mid-century days.


Then ...  Below, Parry opens his hotel window (bottom center, below the top row of windows), but the camera that took this shot was actually on the roof of the Kean Hotel filming the windows on the side of the Mission Street building next to it.  Beyond the rooftops the view looks across 6th Street.

... and Now,  CitySleuth was able to get the same shot from the same spot.  None of the nearby buildings have changed, only the Financial District highrises in the distance.


  Baker, the man who had given Parry a ride after his escape from prison, shows up at the hotel and pulls a gun on Parry, demanding they go to Irene's place to blackmail her.

Then ...  Parry is forced to drive Baker's car.  Below, they are leaving from the parking alley alongside the Kean hotel - the cross street at the end of the alley is Jessie.

... and Now,  exactly as it used to be.  The hotel wall is at near left and the unpainted brick wall down the alley on the right is the same wall pictured above.


Then ...  Continuing on, they are now a half block south of Mission turning from Natoma Street into Russ Street (map).  The skyscraper in the distance is the 1925 Pacific Telephone building at 140 New Montgomery Street.

... and Now,  the de Vera corner store occupies the site of 1947's La Esperanza.  The Pacific Telephone building, most recently the Pac Bell building but vacant since 2007, can still be seen down the street beyond the office building now sitting astride Natoma at 155 5th Street.

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