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San Francisco movie locations from classic films

San Francisco movie locations from classic films

Days of Wine and Roses - Kirsten's Office

  Kirsten Arnesen works as a secretary (that of course would be Personal Assistant today) in the Pacific Gas and Electric building at 245 Market Street (map).  Here's a recent photo of the building, built in 1924 then subsequently strengthened and renovated following the 1989 earthquake.


Then ...  After his embarrassing first meeting with Kirsten Joe visits her office to make amends.  He is seen below approaching the entrance lobby from the left.  The address 245 is on the door.

... and Now,  the lobby's inside set of glass doors (on the right, above) have been taken out, a muni bus stop has been added outside and across the street the whole block has been replaced by an office highrise.


Then ...  Joe puffs away as he waits for an elevator inside the lobby.  Note that elegant brass lampstand...

... and Now,  security neurosis, sad to say, has led to the inclusion of subway-like turnstiles.  Even the lampstand, still there over 50 years later, can't make up for the loss of the clean, uncluttered look.  On the plus side the elevator doors have had a classy upgrade.


Then ...  Joe tries his best to make up but Kirsten plays hard-to-get and they end up awkwardly waiting for the elevator outside her office.

... and Now,  this typical floor at the PG&E building by the elevators shows some similarities to the movie view above - renovation changes may have been made over the years - but CitySleuth thinks, based on several differences spotted during this scene, that the office interior was filmed elsewhere.


Then ...  As Joe leaves the building we see the Ferry Building standing guard at the end of Market Street as best it can given the eyesore two-level Embarcadero Freeway standing in its way.

... and Now,  thankfully, those stylish lamps flanking the entrance are still there.  As, just visible, is the Ferry Building.  The trees block the view from here but, hallelujah, the freeway is gone.


    Kirsten runs after him and makes up for her aloofness by suggesting he ask her out to dinner.  Surprised, he suggests the well-known Place Pigalle.


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