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San Francisco movie locations from classic films

San Francisco movie locations from classic films

D.O.A. - Fisherman Club

  Bigelow joins some noisy revellers at the hotel and goes out on the town with them.  They go to a waterfront dive, the Fisherman, a jam-packed club with a jumpin' jazz band.

Then ...  The Ferry Building steers us to the club location - it was at 111 Embarcadero at the corner of Merchant Street between Clay and Washington (click image to enlarge).  The Fisherman name was fictitious but a bar had occupied this spot for decades - it was called Jack's Waterfront Hangout at the time the movie was filmed.

... and Now,  replicating the movie view, the building is gone - this section of Merchant Street and several blocks around it were removed in the 1960s to make way for the Golden Gateway redevelopment project.

... in 1925 ...  here's a look at the bar a quarter century earlier, at bottom left across from the Ferry Station Post Office.  Neither structure is there now.  Washington Street intersects at far right.


There's a great scene inside the club (but filmed on a studio sound stage) with everybody movin' and groovin' as the band belts out a high energy number.  The jazz musicians were:  Jadie Carson (bandleader), Teddy Buckner (tpt), James Van Streeter (tenor sax), Ray Laurie (piano), Shifty Henry (bass) and Al 'Cake' Wichard (drums).  But they were miming to the soundtrack which had been recorded by a different band.


  Bigelow is quite the ladies man and tries to pick up Jeanie, an attractive woman at the bar (Virginia Lee).  He should have been more vigilant though because a mystery man uses the opportunity to switch his drink (below right).

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