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San Francisco movie locations from classic films

San Francisco movie locations from classic films

Experiment In Terror - High School

  Kelly drops her sister Toby off at school.  The police, who she had alerted after being threatened the night before, maintain a discrete watch on them.

Then ...  She drives up the hill to the school, on the left.  For this scene director Blake Edwards chose George Washington High School in the Richmond district (map).

... and Now,  though lacking the elevated perspective, this is the same view north down 30th Avenue to Geary Boulevard from Anza Street.


Then ...  Toby gets out and is puzzled when Kelly, without explaining why, warns her to watch out and be careful.  Meanwhile, filmed on 30th Ave close to Anza Street, we get a good view of George Washington High behind them.

... and Now,  trees and added structures obscure the school today at street level from this spot but here it is, looking essentially the same, viewed on a misty day from the upstairs level of a house opposite.


  Below is a recently taken aerial shot of George Washington High.  Lincoln Park is on the left and the Presidio on the right.  At the top, left to right, are the headlands of Marin County, the Golden Gate Bridge, Bevedere/Tiburon and Angel Island.  The arrow shows where this scene was filmed.


... in 2005 ...  George Washington High was built in 1936 and is a well-regarded public school.  A bonus for the students are Golden Gate Bridge views from various vantage points at the school.  As an example, the photo below was taken from the bleachers of the sports field at the 2005 Senior graduation.

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