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San Francisco movie locations from classic films

San Francisco movie locations from classic films

Experiment In Terror - Kelly's House

  Kelly's home is in Clarendon Heights between Twin Peaks and Mount Sutro.  No doubt chosen for its views, it is shown a number of times throughout the movie.

Then ...  At the beginning of the movie Kelly drives over the Bay Bridge and we see this nighttime view of her home as she drives into her garage.

Then ...  later, as she reverses out of the garage, daylight reveals the full extent of the view.  Kelly lives in the small house, 100 St. Germain Avenue, squeezed between the two larger homes with gabled roofs (map).

... and Now, taken from the top of Glenbrook Avenue, this (below) is how it looks today.  From here, 100 St. Germain is mostly hidden by bushes but the roof and chimney peep over the top.  That's the Golden Gate Park panhandle above the house and the Buena Vista Park hill is over to the right.  Angel Island and Alcatraz are in the distance on the left.


Then ...  From across the street there's a closer view of the garage and the home's front fence and entrance gate.

... and Now,  still the same, as too is the neighboring house to the left.


Then ...  This panorama shows an even closer look at the garage and entrance gate.

... and Now,  it still looks amazingly similar, even down to the three angled fence supports and the quaint awning over the gate.  The neighbor to the right, though, has traded a chimney for a skylight.

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