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San Francisco movie locations from classic films

San Francisco movie locations from classic films

Impact - Larkspur - M.P. Service Station

  Walter has made his way into Idaho and wanders into a small town, Larkspur.  However, these scenes were filmed in Larkspur, California, a mere half hour drive north of the Golden Gate Bridge in Marin County.

Then ...  He heads down the main street, Magnolia Avenue, past a painter announcing the 4,501st town resident.  No, not Walter, a newborn.

... and Now,  the cross street in the foreground is Ward Street (map).  South down Magnolia, the tower on the right belongs to St. Patrick's church, and the one on the left crowns City Hall.  Sidewalk trees have replaced the line of power poles and the sleepy hamlet that was has become a much busier place.


  He happens upon the town's service station where he meets owner Marsha Peters (the delightful Ella Raines) who offers him a job on the spot after he helps her with a repair.


Then ...  Walter settles in to his new job as auto mechanic at the M.P. (Marsha Peters, that is) Service Station while slowly recuperating from his attack.

... and Now,  the site, at 238 Magnolia Avenue, (map), is now occupied by Frank's Hair Styles.  The gas pump aisle has been covered in, otherwise the structure is clearly recognizable.

... the original garage ...  This 1960 photo, provided by long-time Larkspur resident Paul Penna, shows us the garage, owned by Hil Probert, as it was when the movie was filmed - other than the next generation gas pumps.  Hil collected old classic cars - the fine example in the foreground is a 1940 Packard.  (For additional insights from Paul check out his Impact website).

... and Now,  the matching photo today.


  Hil Probert himself makes a one-line eponymous cameo appearance at his own garage ...

Marsha -  "Thanks a lot, Hil"

Hil -  "So long, Marsha"


Then ...  The proud father of the town's new arrival (see top image) excitedly pulls up to the garage from the street opposite and leaps out bearing cigars.  His number plate says Idaho, consistent with the storyline, but we now know better.

... and Now,  the street teeing in opposite the garage site is Madrone Avenue and looks just as it did then.

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