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San Francisco movie locations from classic films

San Francisco movie locations from classic films

Impact - Walter Faces The Music

  The media is abuzz with the sensational arrest of Walter's wife Irene, charged with conspiring to kill her husband.  The Hollywood gossip columnist Sheilah Graham plays herself as she gushes the news for the venerable (since 1924) San Francisco radio station KFRC, at that time affiliated with MBS, the Mutual Broadcasting System.  Did she have to wear that hat?  On the radio?


Then ...  Newspapers fly off the newstands as the latest twists and turns of the case are reported.  Below, at Fisherman's Wharf the cry was "Extra, Extra! Irene Williams held for murder!  Read all about it!".

... and Now,  from the corner of Jefferson and Taylor today (map) we can still see Shed A of Fisherman's Wharf's Pier 45 at the end of the road.  On the left some of the buildings have been modernised but Sabella's, The Lighthouse, Alioto's and Fishermen's Grotto continue to sell fresh seafood there on a daily basis.  (In 1962 the same block was featured in Experiment In Terror).


Then ...  The embittered Walter would have happily stayed under cover and let Irene be punished for his 'murder' if it weren't for Marsha.  She persuades him to do the right thing and they fly back to San Francisco to meet with the police.  Below, they touch down at the airport (map), at that time named San Francisco Municipal Airport (it became San Francisco International Airport in 1955).

... and Now,  the terminal building seen above was built in the 1940s and served passengers until the mid 1950s when a new terminal, named Central Terminal, was built nearby.  Central Terminal was later renamed Terminal 2 and expanded over the years to the current structure shown below.  The original terminal above was torn down in the 1980s.


Then ...  They arrive at the Hall of Justice by cab, here seen turning from Kearny into Washington at the north end of Portsmouth Square (map).

... and Now,  the same corner today, absent the gawkers and with the faded Carnation (?) wall ad painted over.


Then ...  As the cab drops them off on the corner of Washington at Kearny Marsha looks up at the Hall of Justice, just off the picture on the right - the block behind them runs east down Washington.

... and Now, the spanking new building on the left has replaced some of those seen above.

... from another movie ...  The same corner appeared a year later in the 1950 movie The Man Who Cheated Himself, but viewed west along Washington to Kearny.  On the left is the Hall of Justice and on the right is the same Bond-Bail sign partially seen in the Then image above.


Then ...  The imposing Hall of Justice as viewed across Kearny from Portsmouth Square.

... and Now,  there's a Hilton Hotel on the site now - the Hall of Justice was demolished in 1967.  See here for the same location as it appeared in 1958 in The Lineup.

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