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San Francisco movie locations from classic films

San Francisco movie locations from classic films

Petulia - A Bittersweet Goodbye

  Months have passed and Petulia and David have reconciled, so much so that she is about to give birth to their child, in the same hospital where she first saw Archie.

Then ...  The hospital is the California Pacific Medical Center at 3801 Sacramento Street in the Pacific Heights/Laurel Heights neighborhood (map).  Throughout this movie, director Lester seemed to have a thing about nuns as in this shot showing two of them entering the main door.

... and Now,  the same entrance today, looking west down Sacramento.


  Archie stops by to see Petulia outside the delivery room.  He impetuously proposes spiriting her off to a private hospital so they could be together again ... she agrees ... he picks up the phone ... a change of heart ... and instead they reluctantly bid adieu.


Then ...  David enters the lobby to join Petulia scant seconds before Archie leaves - they barely miss each other, two ships passing in the night.  The two houses seen through the glass doors are across Sacramento Street.

... and Now,  of those two houses, the Tudor-styled one on the left is still there but the one on the right has been replaced with a newer building.


Then ...  A passing group of attractive young women catches Archie's eye - well, after all, he is once again unattached - and the camera pans up the exterior facade of the hospital.

... and Now,  the recent matching view.


    The movie ends with this closeup of Petulia in the delivery room as she is about to be put under.  She touches the doctor's hand and murmurs " Archie? ... ".  He may be gone from her life, but, it seems, never from her mind.

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