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San Francisco movie locations from classic films

San Francisco movie locations from classic films

Petulia - Archie's Apartment, Interior

  There were several scenes in the movie in Archie's apartment, all filmed on location at 307 Filbert Street on the Filbert Steps.  In order to have a large enough space for the shoot the adjacent second floor apartments, B and C, were combined into one by opening a wall between them.

Then ...  This panoramic composite captures Archie's living room with the front door to the right.  Appropriately for a bachelor, there's a tiny kitchen,   This is apartment C of 307 Filbert.

... and Now,  below is apartment C today, not a whole lot different except for an updated kitchen and a more contemporary decor.


Then ...  this is a view from the same living room looking towards the front door.  Archie's bedroom is seen through the wall opening exposing the adjacent apartment B.

... and Now,  the same apartment C view today with the wall opening filled in, back to normal.


Then ...  This view shows Archie up in his loft.

... and Now,  the loft is the bedroom in apartment B.


Then ...  And this is what Archie sees looking down from the loft to Petulia who has spent the night in his bed.

... and Now,  the same view today in apartment B.  Its living room was converted to the bedroom for the movie, necessitating removal of the fireplace which is seen here back in its normal position.  Note the same fluorescent lighting strip, still there below the loft railing.


Then ...  And finally, here's a view from the bed looking towards the wall opened up for the movie, with apartment C visible through it.

... and Now, the same wall of apartment B (below) has a door which was hidden by the bookshelves in the movie (above).  On the right is this apartment's kitchen, masked by fake closet doors for the movie (there's a better view of them above in the second 'Then' image from the top).  Cleverly done.

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