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San Francisco movie locations from classic films

San Francisco movie locations from classic films

Petulia - Barney's Residence

  Archie's friend Barney invites him to his home, hoping to cheer him up after Petulia's brutal beating.  He and his wife Wilma show him old slides of them from the days when they hung out with Archie and his ex, Polo, but they can't snap Archie out of his depression.


Then ...  Barney's home is a fine residence in an upscale neighborhood.  During his visit we get to see Archie's car parked outside two homes, presumably one of them is Barney's but there is no indication which of those two front doors he entered.

... and Now,  These homes are 3234  (on the left) and 3232 Pacific Avenue (on the right) bordering the Presidio in the Presidio Heights neighborhood.  3234 was undergoing a teardown interior renovation when the recent photo (below) was taken but the exteriors remain the same.  Unchanged too is the red brick parking strip which enabled Citysleuth to find this location.

... and Now,  the homes are very close to the Presidio Gate at the junction with Presidio Ave.  Below is another look at the two homes today; the gate on the right, the homes on the far left.


Then ...  On a trivia note -  a decade earlier, James Stewart followed Kim Novak's Jaguar through the Presidio Gate in the 1958 movie Vertigo, shown below and detailed here.  Note the iron gates which allowed the road to be closed off back then when the Presidio was a U.S. military installation.

... and Now,  the same gate today taken from the same spot.  Now that the military have left and the area is run by the National Park Service (since 1994) the iron gates are gone, no longer needed.

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