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San Francisco movie locations from classic films

San Francisco movie locations from classic films

Petulia - Penguin Show

   Archie takes his boys to see a performing penguin show.  On the way there he spots Petulia on a passing cable car and calls out "We're gonna see the penguins".

Then ...  this was filmed at a real show at a pool near Fisherman's Wharf featuring penguins diving off a high platform, sliding down a chute and riding on a skateboard.  Note the sign at the back - 'The Cannery Penguins' - in front of the gabled end of a long narrow building.

... a vintage photo ...  Neither the penguin pool nor that white building exist any more but the 1937 photo below of the old Cannery building at Leavenworth Street and Jefferson shows the gabled building across Leavenworth at lower left.  The pool was installed years later at the southeast corner of Leavenworth and Jefferson (map), left of center in the foreground.

... and Now,  the block that contained the pool and the building has since been redeveloped into the Anchorage Shopping Center, shown below taken from Jefferson looking south along Leavenworth.  The Cannery, still there, is just off the picture to the right.


Then ...  In the capture below one of the stars of the show summons up the nerve to take the plunge.  The highrise apartments in the background at left are on either side of Leavenworth at the top of Russian Hill.

... and Now,  Citysleuth snapped this matching photo from a rooftop within the Anchorage Shopping Center complex.  It looks south across Beach Street and over the Holiday Inn opposite and shows the same apartments and skyline as above.


    Petulia has followed them to the show.  Archie goes over to her and they briefly share a poignant, wordless moment to the gentle strains of John Barry's haunting Petulia's Theme.

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