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San Francisco movie locations from classic films

San Francisco movie locations from classic films

Petulia - Shopping in Chinatown

  Petulia, in her 60's minidress, goes shopping.  She is seen coming out of a trendy dress shop and then she stops next door to buy some fruit.

Then ...  The clues to this location were the number 1053 on the door of the dress shop and a telephone number, YU6-0637, on the window.  There's also some Chinese writing (hint, hint - Chinatown?), which a Chinese friend told me said something about flowers ...

... from the public library ...  I found this entry in the 1964/66 San Francisco street directory which verified that the movie dress shop was actually a flower shop, Lai Wah Florist, at 1053 Stockton Street in Chinatown with the matching telephone number YU6-0637.  The adjacent fruit store was 1055 Stockton on the corner of Jackson - the Orange Land store.

... and Now,  the current tenant of 1053 Stockton is a pharmacy but the fruit store on the corner at 1055, though under a different name, is still in the produce business and continues to display on the sidewalk.

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