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San Francisco movie locations from classic films

San Francisco movie locations from classic films

Sudden Fear - Irene's Apartment

  Myra's new-found happiness comes crashing down when she overhears Lester and Irene scheming to  kill her for her money - captured by her dictating machine that had been inadvertently left on.


Then ...  After she gets over the shock her playwriting skills kick in and she begins to formulate a plan to beat them to it, requiring her to gain entry into Irene's apartment.  Below, she makes her way there.


... and Now,  the Tamalpais Apartments building at 1201 Greenwich Street really does exist on the corner of Hyde Street on Russian Hill (map).  The signs are no longer there but there are still traces of the mounting screws.


... and Now,  if you go up those steps, above, you will see the building name displayed alongside the main entrance.


On a trivia note, this building appeared in the 1947 movie Dark Passage when Humphrey Bogart climbs down its fire escape.

9 - irenes apt from dark passage.png

... and Now,  viewed from Hyde Street, it hasn’t changed at all.

9 - irenes apt dark passage now.png


Then ...  Myra walks up from Hyde Street and heads for the rear door.  In the distance Greenwich Street climbs up Telegraph Hill to Coit Tower.

... and Now,  a wrought iron fence has since been added at far right to create a secure parking area for the tenants.


Then ...  She uses a copy of Irene's door key, retrieved from Lester’s room, to gain entry.

... and Now,  the rear door today.


  Inside the apartment Myra finds some note pads monogrammed with Irene’s name and a gun, soon to be a part of her punitive strike.

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