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San Francisco movie locations from classic films

San Francisco movie locations from classic films

The House On Telegraph Hill - Corner Store

  At a welcome party for Victoria, who should turn up but Major Marc Bennett (William Lundigan), the army officer who interviewed Victoria following her liberation.  He has resumed his civilian career as a San Francisco attorney and, as it turns out, is an old school friend of her husband Alan.

Then ...  Victoria bumps into Marc Bennett again while shopping at her local corner store.

... and Now,  This is the venerable Speedy's New Union Grocery at 301 Union on the corner of Montgomery, a two block walk from Victoria's house.  Union Street is seen dipping down into North Beach before climbing west to the top of Russian Hill.


Then ...  The store name can be clearly seen from the different angle, below.  Incidentally, the same store made a passing appearance a year earlier in the 1950 movie Woman On The Run in a scene filmed at the same junction.

... in 2006 ...  Here's a photo of the store taken a few years ago, still going strong.

... and Now,  sadly, this beloved icon of Telegraph Hill finally closed in 2008, after ninety three years.  In the recent picture below the new tenant, a guys & gals boutique, offers local shoppers snacks, pastries and Blue Bottle coffee.

... in 1926 ...  The name Speedy's alludes to the Spediacci family who bought the building in 1915 and took over the store in 1923.  In a peek at the past here are Emma Spediacci and her daughter Mary behind the counter in 1926.


Then ...  They part and Victoria drives home, crossing Union and heading down Montgomery.

... and Now,  other than the trees blocking the view of the distant bay, not a whole lot different. 

... in 1870 ...  for history buffs, here's how this corner looked circa 1870.  The house on the corner is the same one, with the original brick walls.  Behind it is Telegraph Hill with a building housing a telescope on the peak.

... and Now,  the corner building has been plastered over (the windows and doors still match) and Coit Tower has ruled the hill since 1933.

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