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San Francisco movie locations from classic films

San Francisco movie locations from classic films

The House On Telegraph Hill - Garden Shed - A Close Call

  The movie takes on a menacing undertone as Victoria begins to harbor suspicions about her husband Alan's behaviour.  She comes across an old shed in her garden and, inside, is horrified to see a gaping hole in the side with a sheer drop down to the street, way below.

Then ...  In the distance are three piers and beyond them a view across the Bay.

... in 1952 ...  the movie photo above was taken from the Pioneer Park parking lot at the base of Coit Tower looking north across the Bay to Alcatraz and Angel Island.  The piers are, from right to left, Piers 35, 37 and 39.  Below is a 1952 vintage photo of the same view but taken higher up from the top of Coit Tower.

... and Now,  the view from the parking lot today is blocked by trees but here's the matching view from the top of Coit Tower (below).  Pier 35 is still there, on the right.  Next to it is a marina where Pier 37 used to be and, on the left, Pier 39 was expanded in 1978 into a mega tourist attraction.


Then ...  Suddenly Alan appears and startles his wife.  Our hearts stop as she steps back into the void but fortunately he grabs her as she falls, narrowly avoiding a premature end to the movie.  Below them is a tall industrial building with a single-storied building abutting it, filmed looking vertically down from the same spot at the edge of the parking lot used for the above location view.

... in 1949 ...  a 1949 vintage photo shows us where this building was (arrowed), on the corner of Lombard and Montgomery directly below the Coit Tower parking lot.  The low building next to it can also be seen.

... and Now,  seen from the top of Coit Tower, the industrial building has been replaced by  the Park Telegraph Apartments at 200-240 Lombard.  In the foreground at left is the edge of the parking lot whence the movie backgrounds were filmed.

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