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San Francisco movie locations from classic films

San Francisco movie locations from classic films

The House On Telegraph Hill - The House

  The house that Victoria now claims as her own was a grand Victorian.  All of the interiors were built and filmed on a 20th Century Fox studio set but the exteriors were created by building a facade around a real building - the Julius' Castle restaurant on Telegraph Hill.

Then ...  Victoria and Chris in front of the convincing Victorian facade.

Then ...  And here, below, is an overall view of the house, seen early in the movie.  But this is a painting!  It's geographically consistent with the Julius' Castle location, even down to the glimpse of Alcatraz Island in the Bay.

    Here's a photo still of Julius Castle taken while 'The House' facade was being set up.

... and Now,  this is Julius' Castle today, little changed, at the north end of the Montgomery Street cul-de-sac 150 feet below Coit Tower.  Sadly, the restaurant closed down in 2008 after 84 years of operation.


  The studio set interiors were lavishly detailed, incorporating real antiques from private collections.  Below is the spacious foyer - the chandeliers were from a private home; after the owner refused to loan them the studio bought the house then immediately resold it after keeping the chandeliers!

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