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San Francisco movie locations from classic films

San Francisco movie locations from classic films

The Lineup - Window Views

    There are two window views seen in the Hall of Justice scenes ...

1.  View from Lt. Guthrie's Office

    Lt. Ben Guthrie (Warner Anderson), on the right,  discusses the case in his office with fellow investigator Insp. Al Quine (Emil Meyer).   This scene was filmed on a studio set and although the art director went to great measures to reproduce the distinctive arched windows of the Hall of Justice the photo they chose to represent the view is of the 1926 Financial Center Building at 500 California Street with the Bay Bridge in the distance.  An odd choice because the real Hall of Justice view, across Portsmouth Square and sloping up to Nob Hill, would have been very San Francisco.

Then ...

... and Now,  the once dominant building (arrowed) is now but one of many after decades of Financial District growth.  In 2001 it became the Omni Hotel (map). 

... from 1961 ...  take a look at this vintage photo, below, taken inside one of the actual offices in the old Hall Of Justice and compare it to the movie office set above to see how well the window style was reproduced.  Their window view is of Coit Tower and Telegraph Hill; the same view was used in the 1949 movie Impact.


2.  View from the Crime Lab

    Investigators in the crime lab discover a package of heroin hidden in an inexpensive statuette in the stolen bag.  This window view, once again unrelated to the real Hall of Justice location, is a photo of Russian Hill taken from the base of Coit Tower.  The vertical sign visible just above the seated lab worker advertised the Lyon Van and Storage Co. at 1520 Stockton Street.

Then ...

... from 1952,  as verification, check out this vintage photo of Russian Hill viewed from the top of Coit Tower - the tall building right of center, also visible above, is the 945 Green Street apartment building (map).

... and Now,  945 Green looks the same but is now sandwiched between the incongruous Royal Towers apartments at 1750 Taylor Street and the apartment building at 999 Green Street.

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