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San Francisco movie locations from classic films

San Francisco movie locations from classic films

The Lineup - Sanders' Residence

  One down, two to go.  The men on a mission next go in search of the flatware brought into the country by passenger Sanders who lives at 2090 Jackson Street.

Then ...  The house used for this scene is indeed that at 2090 Jackson (map).  This is the Whittier Mansion, built in 1896 by the man who became head of P.G & E., it has been home in the past to the Deutsche Reich consul and the California Historical Society.  It is said by some to be haunted.  Perhaps by the victim described below?

... and Now,  This house and its neighbors look the same today.  Sorely in need of a paint job, though.  This is the corner with Laguna in the tony Pacific Heights neighborhood.


  Dancer meets the butler in the house and tries to persuade him to let him borrow the flatware for a short while.  When the butler resists, calling for Mr. Sanders, Dancer shoots him, the hit cleverly filmed reflected in a mirror, and takes off with the flatware and the drugs hidden inside.  A case of the butler getting it instead of doing it?

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