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San Francisco movie locations from classic films

San Francisco movie locations from classic films

Thieves Highway - Opening Vista

  The movie opens with a view across a rural town referred to in the movie as Fresno, some 190 miles south of San Francisco, but in reality it's Petaluma, another rural town 35 miles north of San Francisco.

Then ...  The large white buildings are the Petaluma Junior High School.  Note also that unusual structure in the distance behind the school.

... and Now,  this recent photo was taken above Bassett Street on La Cresta Drive between Hill Blvd and Haven Drive.  Petaluma High School now occupies the site of the former Junior High after it was relocated.  That distinctive structure in the distance is still there today.

... and Now,  the closer view of the structure (below) reveals it to be the historic granary located near Petaluma's town center.  Since 1959 it has been the home of the Dairymen's Feed and Supply Co-op.  CitySleuth was able to nail this movie location when he spotted the granary out of the corner of his eye while driving south recently past Petaluma on U.S. 101.  Call it serendipity.

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