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San Francisco movie locations from classic films

San Francisco movie locations from classic films

Thieves' Highway - Washington and Davis

  A lot of the movie's action was filmed at the Washington and Davis Streets junction, the central hub of the Produce District.  Let's take a look at the businesses on each corner of the junction, as seen in the movie.  Click here to see a map.


1.  Southeast Corner

  Mike Figlia's business was on the southeast corner (actually the Half Moon Fruit and Produce business) and was seen earlier in the movie - click here to see it.


2.  Southwest corner

Then ...  The view looks west along Washington across Davis, with Mike Figlia's partly visible at far left.  Opposite, on the southwest corner of the junction, is the John DeMartini Produce Co.  Further down Davis, Ceylon Street tees in between DeMartini and the taller hotel next to it.

... and Now, the concrete -walled Golden Gateway Garage occupies this corner, in the shadow of the Alcoa Building next to it.


3.  Northwest corner

Then ...  A. Levy and J. Zentner Co. was on this corner.  Once a significant tree-fruit produce distributor in the Central Valley, Levy & Zentner has in the last few years channeled most of its resources into beer distribution.

... from 1945 ...  this archival photo shows the same view north along Davis from Washington.  Traffic chaos prevailed as usual, especially when the E Union streetcar rolled by.

... and Now,  a retail - residential building borders this block of Davis, now closed to through traffic.


4.  Northeast corner

Then ...  Kitty corner from the John DeMartini building on the southwest corner was another John DeMartini building, in the background below.

... from the 1950s ...  this archival photo shows a better view of the same building.

... and Now,  this corner is part of the Gateway Apartments and Townhomes.


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