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San Francisco movie locations from classic films

San Francisco movie locations from classic films

Woman On The Run - Cab Ride 1

 Eleanor leaves Hart & Winston and walks towards Union Square - Leggett is hiding behind a pillar on Market Street near 4th across from the Foreman & Clark store (it looks to CitySleuth like a studio set with a projected background).

Then ...  Foreman & Clark was on the corner of Stockton and Ellis where they converge at Market Street.

... from 1955 ...  here's a vintage photo of that junction taken from above the spot where Leggett was standing.  The store was opposite Roos Brothers men's clothing store.

... and Now,  the Apple Store currently occupies this corner site.


Then ...   Leggett catches up with Eleanor at Union Square (below) and they hop into a cab in front of the TWA office on the corner of Maiden Lane.  The St. Francis Hotel is directly across Union Square.

... and Now,  Maiden Lane has added a traffic gate to create a precinct experience for its shoppers.  The TWA office is now a Gucci store.


  In the cab, they discuss the letter Frank has sent to Eleanor with clues to where he is hiding.  They notice a police tail behind them and Leggett directs the cabbie through Chinatown to shake them off.

Then ...  At the northwest corner of Portsmouth Square they lose the tail with a left turn from Brenham Place into Washington then a quick right down the narrow Wentworth Place.

... and Now,  Brenham Place (below, on the left) was renamed as Walter U. Lum Place in 1985.

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